Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Baby blanket

I have posted pictures of my king-sized "selfish blanket." I am about 50/80 done with that one. Along the way I decided to start making squares about a quarter of the size, and make a baby blanket.

My first son is due May 17th. We already had a ton of handmedowns and baby things I had made for Daisy, but I wanted to spend some time on something specifically for him.

It's made with sock yarn on size 3 dpn's. It's 6 x 6 squares. I crocheted 6 rows of hdc for the edging. I love the finished product and can't wait for my baby boy to use it.


  1. That is so so beautiful. And every time you lay your son down under it, it will be like leaving him with a soft warm mama hug. beautiful.