Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Being a teacher

I teach in the Recreation department at California State University, Long Beach, and love it. This semester I am teaching Leisure in Contemporary Society. I get to expose this class to so much. It ties in so well with my unschooling background.

Today I had them do this activity where they thought about the benefits of three activities.  The first, something they did through school. The second, something they did on their own time. The third they picked from a short list of activities I gave them that people tend to be disparaging about and demean (playing video games, sunbathing, etc.)

For each one they listed the social, emotional,  physical and mental benefits,  and how it impacted their future.

This made me happy.

This is my way of decreasing shame, depression and guilt, and my way of increasing self worth, esteem, value.

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