Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy new year!

Today my family celebrated Naw Ruz, the Persian New Years, the first day of spring!

We get dressed up in pretty clothes, and eat really good food... usually salad shirazi, baghali polo (rice with dill and lima beans), fish, mast a chiar (yogurt with cucumber), dough (minty yogurt drink) and lavash (bread).

The haft-seen table has been set up with a lot of symbolic objects. Haft = 7, Seen = the letter S. So our table has... sabse (greens), persian coins, colored eggs, sombol (hyacinth), sumac, senjed (berries), samanu (wheat pudding), sib (apple), sir (garlic), serke (vinegar), sekke (coins) and also rose water, colored eggs, a mirror, gold fish... and lots of yummy persian candy and cookies.

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