Saturday, March 22, 2014

100 things that make me happy

I am using day zero project as a wonderful master-goal list. The idea is that you list 101 things you want to accomplish in 1000 days. I'm finding that this is the perfect amount of time for me -- less than 3 years, so it doesn't seem like big giant vague-future, but still enough time that I can have some lofty goals.

One of my goals on the dayzeroproject site is to identify 100 things that make me happy. This blog post is going to be where I do that!

I might not be able to do all 100 in one sitting... so I'll just be updating when I do.

2. Persie dog
1. Crossing off to-do lists
2. Persie dog
3. Talking about tv shows with my sisters
4. New sock yarn
5. When I see an actor on a tv show, and figure out what else they've been in.
6. Sitting by a fire in my living room
7. Having a Christmas tree in my house
8. The smell of home grown tomatoes
9. Rommel dog and 12. Waking up in a tent
9. Rommel dog
10. Feeding my fish every morning
11. Watching hummingbirds swoop down on the front lawn
12. Waking up in a tent
13. Painting walls new colors
14. Getting things I bought online in the mail
15. Text messages from my dad
16. Soft pillow, made bed, turning off the lamp to go to sleep
17. Guppies
18. Being able to identify plants, and know some of their uses
19. The smell of chlorine
20. Santa Barbara Island
20. Sitting on the bench at the top of the hill on Santa Barbara Island
21. The smell of sunscreen
22. Accomplishing something many days in a row, like drinking water or spinning the sparkwheel on sparkpeople.
23. The color pink.
24. Having people at my house. Especially to bbq or sit around the bonfire in the backyard.
25. Wearing cowboy hats.
26. Watching tv with A - especially our silly shows
27. Lighting a candle in my office
28. Having a clean kitchen counter
29. Listening to a book while walking through my neighborhood
30. Going to wholesome choice Persian market
31. Feeling my baby move
socks made for husband and I by Jill P.
32. Sleeping in a hotel bed
33. Being a part of a book club
34. Being in a theater
35. The Secret Society of Unschooling Moms
36. Apple cinnamon oatmeal with crunchy peanut butter
37. Making jam
38. Drinking ice water with berries or mint
39. Farmers markets
40. Wearing handmade socks made by other people
41. Walking across the grass at school when everyone else is taking the cement
42. Anything written by JK Rowling
43. Getting my hair washed and cut
44. Doing errands I need to do right away, as soon as I realize they should get done
45. Having a made bed
55. baby blanket I made from sock yarn
46. Having flowers in vases at home
47. Cooking on a camp stove
48. Being in the middle of a new, good book for the first time
49. The color combination of turquoise and red
50. Driving to Sacramento every summer
51. Maintaining my 30 Day Challenge group on facebook
52. Bamboo double pointed knitting needles
53. Alpaca yarn. And alpacas in general.
54. Videos of goats. Multiple goats.
55. My barn raising quilt knitted blankets - the baby one that's finished and the big one that is still in progress.
56. Driving through rural parts of California and imagining living there
57. Stirring rich, red marinara sauce in my new blue cast iron dutch oven
58. Buying things at fruit and nut stands
59. The smell of chlorine on my skin

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