Thursday, July 17, 2014

Urban carnivores

One of the great things about living in this great big park are the lectures that the Friends of Griffith Park host periodically.

Tonight a researcher from UCLA discussed her research about rodenticides and their impact on bobcats. We have a bunch of bobcats here in gp, which was one of the areas she studied. It's a pretty clear correlation now between when these poisons are introduced into the environment and the fatalities of the urban carnivores,  with enough of an increase in deaths due to mange that that became a focal point of her study. Recently, Griffith Park's famous mountain lion P22 was found to have mange, most likely due to the correlation between the rodenticides he is exposed to amd the inflammation to the immune system it causes.

Interesting information,  and there's a lot more at and on the facebook page of the same name.

#200happydays day 17

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