Monday, July 7, 2014

Griffith J Griffith

It's been a while since I've posted anything about this fantastic park I live in. It's been so hot the last few days that I have either hidden myself and baby away behind dark shades, or gone down to my family's houses for swimming pools. So, time to revisit!

This popped up on my facebook feed today -- Griffith J Griffith, well known as being the man who donated the money to build Griffith Park... is also known for Shooting His Wife In The Head (through an eye, actually). It is HIS statue I drive by every day to get home!

So, he makes her get on bended knee, shoots her in the eye, she *survives*, and jumps off a balcony to escape.

That's not why I am choosing this as one of my #200happydays posts. The happiness for me comes by way of the fact that we have a diagram of this event, and that we have the right combination of archiving and technology that I can share it with you now.

#200happydays day 8

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