Monday, June 23, 2014


I am lucky to have an incredible husband. The few weeks right after Wyatt was born, our house was at its cleanest, thanks to him. We ate great homemade meals, again, thanks to him. 6 weeks later and it's about time for me to start figuring out how to balance the things that need to happen in the house, with baby timing.

I'm excited tonight because I made a good looking dinner while baby hung out with me in the kitchen. We sang along to my Leeann Womack pandora station and he hummed happily while I chopped, prepped, cooked and washed dishes. He started fussing right when I put the last dish away. Such a thoughtful baby!

The enchiladas were great. I mixed some ricotta cheese with enchilada sauce, and put a spoonful of that mixture along with a thick slice of mozzarella on each corn tortilla. I lightly fried each tortilla first, and dragged through the sauce. Topped with sauce, cheese, onion, cilantro and black olives. Sourcream and avocado got added after. Canned beans and corn for sides... thank you easy food!

Photos. .. baby chipmunk cheeks, the view of the kitchen from baby perspective, and the finished delicious product.

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