Monday, April 1, 2013

up on the ridge

Sister-in-Law came up for a visit! We went on a drive through the park so she could see everything -- stopped and walked up to the Old Zoo. We are sad. We are stuck in cages. 

Afterwards we went on a real hike -- parked up near the observatory, and hiked down a ridge down to where the batcave is in Bronson canyon, then back up and over to the car. It was not an easy experience for me -- I felt paralyzed going downhill on these little, rocky footpaths with cliffs falling on either side of me. There were multiple times that I fell or slid down on my butt. My husband and SIL are like mountain goats and did the whole thing easily. It was discouraging for me. I cried. 

But I haven't been able to stop thinking about it -- there was one point up on the ridge where we saw three coyotes. The land was beautiful. And after I got over feeling angry and embarrassed and ashamed for falling apart, I was able to think about how neat it was that I accomplished it, even if it was hard. I'd like to go back. 

My SIL took these photos - and I love them. The hike was hard. It tapped into something deep, this fear of being weak -- and I wasn't proud of how I handled it. But I love these photos and the whole thing was evidence of how much impact outdoor recreation can have.

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