Friday, April 26, 2013

the oaks

Yesterday a few residents came and asked for a Smokey Bear comic that the interpretive rangers pass out to kids -- so I got husband to bring me some, and I took a hike up through The Oaks to deliver them. I got the chance to explore a side of the neighborhood I haven't spent any time in --  and I was stunned. It's so beautiful up here. Amazing, huge, expensive houses - a neighborhood I would never be able to afford to live in, if it weren't for our caretaker status. The best thing about rich and fancy houses is that they don't skimp on the landscaping. Also - this neighborhood is all hilly, so lots of the houses have had very creative layouts to accommodate that. My eyes aren't big enough to drink in all of this. I love hiking through the park, but I might like hiking through the neighborhood even more...

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