Wednesday, April 17, 2013

california history

Today I discovered a new trail, and I love it. Well - it's the trail that husband and I went up the night we did the crazy Mt. hollywood hike - but I discovered it in the daylight. It's this great trail that's tucked into this canyon, and is kind of meander-y, and there's enough distance between it and any roads or buildings, that I can kind of pretend that I'm really out in the wilderness all alone, but it's close enough to civilization that if I got hurt or something, I could still get help. Husband says that it'll get just FULL of mustard -- which is my favorite flower. I'm torn about my love for mustard.. since it's technically a non-native. But it's been around for so long, that it feels like part of California. For any of you non-natives, the deal is that when the Spanish missionaries came to California and built their missions, they scattered mustard seed between, to mark the way. Each of the CA missions are about a day's horse-back ride apart, and the mustard is part of CA history.  So I love it, both for it's look and for the lore.

I also noticed lower down on the hike, that all the conifers have new and bright green needles! I remember when I was in Alaska I would take the new spruce needles, steep them, and make tea. It's nice to see spring in the trees.

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