Thursday, May 9, 2013

Project List!

So I spend a lot of time working on all my projects... we moved not that long ago, and so a bunch of mine are still in boxes, slowly getting unpacked as I try to find yarn, needles, etc. Here's a list of some projects that I am currently in the middle of -- my hope is by listing them here, I'll actually get around to finishing them! I am really great at starting things...

1. Cathedral Windows Quilt, hand-sewn
2. Granny square earrings, crocheted

3. Granny square vest - crocheted, improvised pattern

4. Silk vest - it's on knitting needles right now, but I started over and am doing a crocheted shell stitch pattern
5. Pink crocheted skirt - picture to come!
6. Purple sock yarn beanie - picture to come!

7. About 4 pairs of socks, including the other half of this one

8. Ripple scarf, made with birthday yarn
9. knitting needle holder - wool, to be felted. Picture to come.
10. baby animal hats - all my friends are having babies. Time to make some gifts.

11. Granny square curtains - about 150 of 500 squares made so far!
12. a bunch of coin purses and granny square bags - maybe 15 of them? Some are needle felted.
14. Granny Square Cushions - need to sew lining/backs and add the stuffing!


  1. Wow! You got a lot going on :) I look forward to seeing the finished projects.

    1. Ok since I wrote this I frogged the beanie and used it to make square one of a new blanket I'm making... yeah this is a very fluid list ;)