Thursday, May 2, 2013

Every Day for Thirty Days

One of the things I have been doing lately that has given me so much energy and makes me feel so motivated is running a 30 Day Challenge Group on facebook. (The group's blog is here). I started it for myself -- I just wanted to accomplish one goal, every day, for thirty days. I did it for a month by myself, and then other people commented that they wanted to do that too. So I opened up the next month as an open facebook group, and was stunned by the participation. So far we've done 2 30 day challenges, and one "mini" 17 day challenge, and have just started day 2 of the next monthly challenge. 

People pick goals like - drinking water, crocheting every day, 20 minutes of exercise, writing in a journal, editing their book, doing yoga, hula hooping, drinking a green smoothie, or working towards their career or business. As founder of the group, I think it's my role to help people be successful, and the easiest way is to assess the goals themselves. So I go through and ask people questions to help make the goals realistic, measurable, and that they don't load so many on themselves that they'll get overwhelmed. Throughout the month we post every day, celebrating our victories, bemoaning when our plans get derailed, asking for help in creating Plan B's so we can stay successful.

Running this group, and watching as people post their accomplishments, and especially how the benefits keep rippling out and out - it's been the highlight of most of my days for the last few months.

There's something about this - this group of people, some who know each other, some don't - who are doing one little thing every day to make themselves better. It's motivating, but there's more to it than that. They hold me accountable for my own goals. It's energizing - it's positive - and I really, really, really like doing it.

This group has helped shape how my days have been spent, here, in my little house in the big park. I have been making a green smoothie every morning for breakfast for my husband and I, tracking my food, going for hikes and walks almost every day, and through that, exploring where I live. I have always had a hard time doing things by myself, and now that I have moved further from most of my family, I had to make sure I *made* myself explore, or I would end up inside and unhappy. Going on hikes, so I could post a picture in the 30 Day Group has been a big part of how much I have loved living here. I have been walking and exploring new parts of the neighborhood all the time. The yards overflow with lemon, orange, and loquat trees. There are so many people, dogs, and even folks riding around on horseback. There are squirrels, coyotes, lizards, deer, and snakes. 

I feel adventurous. I feel successful. I feel stronger and prouder. I feel warm and fuzzy and nurture-y about my house, watering the plants, dusting the table. 

It's a good day to live in a little house in the big park. It's sunny outside, I have the 4th Game of Thrones on my audible app, and a new neighborhood to explore.

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