Thursday, February 21, 2013

a VIP tour

My husband is a park ranger, so he arranged for me to go on a ride-along. We spent an entire day driving the trails through the park. It was amazing -- the park is about 5000 acres, so there's no way you can see the whole thing by foot. And most of the park's roads and trails are not accessible to the public by vehicle - only by foot, bike, or horseback. So to get to ride in a ranger vehicle through the park was awesome, and helped me get a better picture of where things are.
This is taken from up above the Hollywood Sign on Mt. Lee

This is a picture of the Hollywood sign - you can see where I had taken the picture from. Lots of people think that the Hollywood sign is on Mt. Hollywood, which is one peak over. Not so! 

This is Bronson Canyon - the darker bottom right corner is where the entrance to the Bat Cave is -- from the original tv show. It's not a cave, so much as a tunnel. The canyon is beautiful. Coming back here to hike, for sure.

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